Saturday, August 05, 2006

my tryst with an angel

In this part of the world, weekends mean friday. and yes, it was a rocking one man.we had a getogether at one of our favourite hangouts and then we all left.

As usual, i wanted one of the vedikendrams(brothrels) here to check out on wats new. As i entered i cudnt help but notice my old friend by name Laila ( atleast thats wat she told me) .
We were really surprised to see each othersince we never expected to meet each other after our first meeting. Sinceu never get to the same chiks (or auntys) again.
i wanted to spend my time there with laila and so we did.

She stripped and so did i with almost no hesitation as though kids wud do so on their visit to a beach.First thing we did was to hug her and laugh out loudly.laila hails from kozhikode is a destitute with a son back in India. All she did was to love a guy married him and this enraged her parents. She lived a very happy life until her husband fell for another gurl and he left laila for that female.

Nw wid no academic qualification, she had no way to support hera ailing parents and her son. She left for dubai in search of a housemaid's job. A housemaid here is paid 800 Dhs which is 8000Rs man. But to her misfortune she fell into the hands of pimp. And thats how it all started for her. What i like the most of her she never wud cut a sorry face or look depressed . She would always look happy inspite of all the miseries in her life. all through the two hours we spent she was laughing and smiling and tellin me all the anectodes in her life.

As i was about to leave, i gave her the customary hug. She smiled and placed hand on my face and said innii epazhaa kannuvaa(wen r we to meet next) cause she knows that it will not be near future. As she said this , she kissd me on ma cheek and then hugged me. Boy i love her smile, its a million dollar smile . she again hugged me, but this time i was shocked see her cry,crying real loud. The pimps in the flat started shouting and askin me to come out of the room. she went outside and explained wat the situation was. As i came out, i had to encounter wry smiles from other gals ther and also apologetic look from the pimps as well.

iam still wondering wat s going thru her man. i did leave my number with her. But will she ever call me . Whether it was a drama that you had enacted that nite or not, i still love you. I love you Laila(Whatever).Love you.